What do you do?

I provide comprehensive and specialty eyecare services. The services range from specialty contact lens fittings, to pediatric and school screenings, to LASIK evaluations. Along with my wife, Wendy, who oversees our optical boutique, we provide the most unique and stylish eyewear in the area as well.

How long have you been in business?

I founded and was Director of Optometric Services at Vanderbilt Medical Center for several years before opening Vue Optique in 2005. I have practiced optometry for over a decade although I first became involved in eyecare as an undergraduate at Cornell University performing vision screenings for the elementary school children. Since then, continuing to perform this public service has been one of the cores of my practice.

What is your background?

I am originally a New York City native, although I lived in several cities like San Francisco while at the University of California, Berkeley and Miami during my eye disease residency. I fully admit, I enjoy how communities grow and evolve, and Franklin is unquestionably a special place like no other. My family and I undoubtedly feel at home here.

What do you offer that is special to the community?

Our commitment is to service the community in which we live, locally and globally, and provide care to improve the quality of sight for all. We have embarked on several community initiatives in hopes that we can make a difference including:

•For All Kids to See: To provide free vision screenings to the thousands of children of the Franklin Special School District.

•For All Eyes to See: To provide donated magnifying devices to legally blind teens to allow them to continue schooling at the college level

•Infant See: A nationwide program by optometrists to provide eye exams for infants to detect vision problems that lead to permanent vision loss. Former president, Jimmy Carter is the national spokesman for the program which which was introduced on the TODAY show.

•Wang Foundation for Sight Restoration: As a member of the Medical Council of this non-profit organization, our charge is to provide sight-saving services for the corneal blind throughout the world. So far, we have cared for patients from 55 countries from every corner of the globe.

•Downtown Franklin Association (DFA): DFA and Heritage Foundation member and formerly held the position of the DFA Promotion Committee Chairman.

The preservation of this unique historical gem while promoting the evolution of new enterprises is the cornerstone of our philosophy in promoting Historic Downtown Franklin.

What do you do for fun? Besides what I do for a living??

We love the visual and culinary arts. We enjoy art and architecture, good wine and good food. In fact, Vue Optique was based on art gallery designs of SoHo in Manhattan. Given the beautiful historic architecture of Downtown Franklin, emerging culinary and art scene, and the Downtown Wine Festival, it’s not a wonder we joined this great community!

Parent / Children Vision Alert

Among children’s health issues that parents are most concerned with, vision ranks near the top. This is especially true because good vision is vitally important to the development and education of your child. Parents must be extra vigilant because a child may not realize that his or her vision is not normal. It is up to an attentive parent to notice the signs of a vision problem and take action by having a Child’s Eye Health Exam.

The Warning Signs For Vision Problems In Children Are:

        1. Squinting
        2. Closing or covering one eye
        3. Constantly holding materials close to face
        4. Tilting the head to one side
        5. Rubbing eyes repeatedly
        6. One or both eyes turn in or out
        7. Redness or tearing of the eyes
        8. Premature birth
        9. Developmental delay
        10. Family history of “lazy eye” or “thick glasses”
        11. A disease that affects the whole body, such as Diabetes


Keep in mind that not all children’s vision problems can be diagnosed by you or your school nurse, only a doctor has the training and equipment to diagnose, and then determine the best course of action. Dr. David Shen specializes in the treatment of children, so if you notice any of these symptoms, please schedule an Eye Health Exam to protect the health and vision of your child today.

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